Malcolm Glennie

Malcolm Glennie has a fun site designed with another Showiteer and designer Melissa Love Design! Great use of scrolling galleries and fun navigation animation. Make sure to check it out, and as always leave some love with the Facebook "Comment" button.

Alicia White Photo

Showiteer Alicia White has a fun and unique site. Make sure to check it out her Hello page with fun roll overs and give her some love from the Facebook "Leave A Comment" button right on her site!


Holly Hoyt Photography

Holly Hoyt worked with designer Promiser Tangeman to create this super cool and wonderfully unique website.


Have you heard about PASS?

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Andrea Dozier Boutique Photography

Elegant and Beautiful! These words express our feelings about Andrea Dozier's new Showit site! She uses simple design touches that draw you in while highlighting the beauty of her images. Incorporating the Drop Down widget, Andrea's site is simple to navigate while showing off her amazing photography! Check it out!


Chris Johnson Photography

Chris Johnson's photography site is simple and unique all at the same time. We LOVE the way he designed the About page! Be sure to check out the "CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE" button at the bottom! Utilizing the Scrolling Galleries as well as Facebook Commenting widgets, Chris does a great job promoting his incredible photography with a great marketing plan. Check it out and be sure to leave a comment!


Jamie Delaine

Jamie Delaine has done it again with her beautiful new site re-design! Jaime's poppy colors, artsy backdrops and fun video draw the viewer in and create a young, modern feel as she showcases her gorgeous photography! Check out the original design of her contact form and favorites section - we love her font selection and colorful descriptions!


John Heil Photography

John Heil Photography shares his incredible photography with one amazing site! Showing off the power of full screen images, John's simple, clean navigation allows his viewers to discover the wonder of his images! The site is also a gateway to 13 +sites, which he also embedded into his Facebook Fan page! Check out this site and see the power of good marketing blended with beautiful photography!


Kara Layne

Modern design, clean lines and a gorgeous color scheme highlight Kara Layne's light-filled photography. This site is laced with unique & elegant touches that truly show off the sweet moments her photos capture. We love how she has implemented Showit's new looping gallery and incorporated pop up boxes showcasing her text.


Char Photography

Wow wow wow! Char Photography, a brand new Showiteer, just launched one of the coolest sites we've seen in a while! Designed by Promise Tangeman, Char has created a truly unique site featuring stunning photography! Take a look and prepare to be inspired!


Anton Lorimer

Anton Lorimer has officially launched a new custom Showit site and it ROCKS! Designed by Michael Thompson of Myntd, Anton's brand and creativity are put on display in this modern innovative layout. With no holds barred, this site incorporates Facebook Commenting, the RSS Feed Reader, Vimeo and Flash Video Players as well as the Simple Galleries. Stop what you are doing and go visit this site! You'll be blown away!


Tiffany Kelley Photography

Tiffany Kelley Photography just launched a brand new website designed by Tiffany herself! This amazing site features Showit's new Looping Galleries. What a great way to accent beautiful images while displaying relevant content in a clear user friendly way! Be sure to check out her site and leave a Comment with the Facebook Commenting Widget!


Kelsey Goodwin

Kelsey Goodwin sent us her site with the tag "Not quite done yet, but eager for feedback :)" Well.... WE LOVE IT!!! This simple, modern, clean design is the perfect accent to absolutely stunning photography. Check out her site and prepare to be inspired by her work!


Ashley Rose Photography

Ashley Rose Photography has a new Showit site with a modern yet ultra feminine vibe. Her use of light and color truly bring her photos to life and seem to capture the sweetest moments. Working with Michael Thompson from Myntd, Ashley incorporated the Twitter and RSS Feed Reader widgets right into her homepage. Stop by this sweet site and leave her some love!


Jon Morton

Jon Morton is bringing a new edge to Senior Photography and you can check it out on his personally designed Showit Site! Created around the beauty of his images and accented with personal touches, Jon's web presence is complete with Facebook Commenting and +Sites for his clients! Check out his site and be sure to leave a comment!


Ashleigh Taylor

Ashleigh Taylor is an incredible photographer with an incredible site! Working with Spilled Milk Designs, she created a beautiful site unique to her brand, AND incorporated the powerful new Facebook Commenting widget as well as client +Sites! Check out her site and leave a comment while your there!


Troy Grover Photographers

Troy & Aimee Grover are brilliant photographers... and so is their site! We haven't seen anything else like it and we love it! They're taking advantage of the new Facebook Commenting widget... so make sure to "share some love" with them while you're clicking around. They also have a brilliant stop-motion video on their About page that really lets their personalities shine through... so clever!


Vue Photography

Have you been to a site that you wanted to see every single page of? Vue Photography has definitely got a site like that! Their brand and style shine through on every page and it's fantastic! With the help of Spilled Milk Designs they've created a site that makes them stand out! We love it!


Christianne Taylor - photographer

Christianne Taylor WeddingsWow! Wow! Wow! Christianne Taylor just launched her new website and it... is... gorgeous! Her fantastic design and photography are gonna be seen by a lot of people as well, because she is already taking advantage of one of Showit's new features... Facebook Comments. Check out her site and leave a comment while you're there!


Jasen Master - photographer

Jasen Master is a man of many talents. He's a fantastic photographer and stellar web designer ... but you've got to checkout what he just did with Showit's new Advanced Drop Down widget! Wow! This is cool. I don't have any idea how he did it but it's awesome!

I love that with Showit you can make EVERYTHING unique to you! Even how your menus look and work! Get in there and play and if you need some help hit him up!


Promise Tangeman

I can't get over how amazing Promise Tangeman is! She used Showit to create the most epicly designed website I have ever seen. Not only is the web design off the charts but all the designs, pictures and content is just mind blowing! One of the great things about Showit is that it takes care of all the geeky code stuff so you can just have fun creating!

I beg you - stop whatever you're doing and go check it out!

White Haute - photography

White Haute Photography used Showit to create a stunning and unique website AND custom blog design. They used the advanced drop down menus to create a very clean and classy experience and have you seen their pictures - WOW! This is a great example of how showit can give you the freedom and flexibility to consistently brand your business across many platforms like Facebook, blogs, SmugMug etc....


Jacek Kordus - photographer

Jacek Kordus is a wedding photographer in Poland who used Showit to create a very cool and totally custom website! You've gotta check it out! I could go on and on about what I love about it but you just need to see for yourself. Click here and enjoy!


Donna Newman - photographer

Donna Newman has an impressive list of celebrity clients ranging from Martha Stewart to Howard Stern and she uses Showit to show off her stunning images! Be sure to checkout her website. I guarantee you won't want to leave.


Becker's new Showit +Site!

We are very proud to announce that Becker is using Showit's new +Sites to offer his clients unique websites! Be sure to checkout his B-School community and get more awesome business and marekting ideas while connecting with other stellar photographers!


Albumesque - album design

Albumesque used Showit to create a gorgeous website that highlights their premier album design service while also showcasing their clients! They took advantage of Showit's "FORM" functionality to automate their ordering process and make submitting an album a breeze.

*side note* I've used Albumesque for dozens of my wedding albums and I have been stoked with their service. 100% of my clients were thrilled as well! :)


Christianne Taylor - fashion

Christianne Taylor is an incredible photographer and designer. She combined Showit's new +Site feature to offer the models she shoots their very own website attached to her website! Brilliant!

On her homepage she cleverly used a combination of two "simple galleries" set with fast transitions and paired it with a custom edited song to give her website a very dynamic and catchy first impression.

Click here to checkout her gorgeous website!

...and here are some of her +Sites: Mikey Oster, Maika Buckley, The Sturms


Grape - photographer

Kenny and Janet from Grape.ie used Showit to brilliantly display their photos as well as their fun-loving approach their shoots. I love their custom navigation page but there's lots more to enjou so checkout this wonderfully unique website with all sorts of tasty treats.


Abigail Smith - photographer

Wow! We have another prodigy on our hands! Abigail Smith used Showit to showcase her fresh, modern and fun photography but it also shows how fresh, modern and fun SHE is! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE her About page and she also did a great job using the drop down widget to keep her site looking very clean while still giving users quick access to all the beautiful pages! Check it out now!


Amanda Pair - photographer

Our latest featured site on ShowitLoves.com is Amanda Pair and I love her site for sooooo many reasons! First of all it's great because it's about her! ...all the way down to the itty bitty details like the pre-loaders! Only Showit allows you to customize and control - EVERYTHING!!!

She partnered up with one of Showit's Authorized Designers - Spilled Milk Designs - to really trick it out!

Another thing you should see is that her blog header is also made in Showit and it matches her website brilliantly!